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Nice Guys: 

How Nice Is

Too Nice?

November 30, 2017

Voices On The Subject…

Jim:   “I am a single man and I have suffered greatly at the hands of unappreciative women!  I married a woman with three children and she divorced me because she said I was a good provider, but too boring.  She defined boring as too compliant to someone else’s wishes.  I came to realize that if a man does not have the capacity to kick butt emotionally, he doesn’t stand a chance with the women of today.”

John:  “Women seem to love men who bring drama to the table.  I have been punished severely for loving a woman too much.  If women were more honest, they would admit that they prefer a man who’s arrogant, smooth and abusive to one who is dependable and sensitive.  I’ve changed my style of dealing with women, and I’m the better for it.”

Steve:  “Everywhere I go in this country, I meet single women who consistently have the same cry.  “It would be nice to have a good man to come home to.”  Yet, I’ve found that no matter how starved these women are for love and companionship, most pass over the guys who exemplify what they claim they dream of having in a mate.  These women want to be accommodated, but not to the extreme.  Consequently, when they meet a guy whose polite manners and puppy dog style fail to induce shivers along the spinal column they either use him up until “the real thing” comes along or go back to reminiscing of past “loves” and wackier times.  Being alone, some say is a lot better than being with someone who lacks that certain something that makes you want to climb all over them.”

Hank:   “Let’s be real!  Most times, these “nice” guys are more attracted to the heartbreakers, because they seem to offer excitement to a placid existence.  These women make mincemeat out of committed Joes who lack what I call “sister savvy.”  Men and women both need to understand that it’s okay to give away your heart, but never your power.  Nice guys need to seek out and stick with women who are just as nice as they are.”

Sean:  “I have been a “nice” guy in the past but those days are over.  I learned in the worst way, that being too nice can be perceived as weak.  And it really hit home, when my fiancé of four weeks informed me that she really loved my best friend (who was the rogue of all rogues) and she was moving in with him.”

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