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by Jan Pitts

March 7, 2019

Are You One Of Those People…
Who’s been introducing the same guy/girl as your fiancé for the last four years?

Just so you’ll know, no one is impressed, and you sound silly.  If you’ve been engaged longer than a year and your circle hasn’t changed, his/her title should be changed to “significant other” or friend.

Who shows up at weddings, birthday parties, and graduations frequently without a gift in hand?

This is in the top 10 of Etiquette Breach 101.  The social rule is: if you can’t take a gift, which symbolizes both appreciation for being invited and congratulations to the respective party, you should abstain from going.  Violation of this rule also insures that your name will be mentioned unfavorably at the end of the evening, the rest of the week and at the next invitation roundup.

 Who whispers in someone’s ear, in the company of others?

This is only permissible if you’re playing a game.  This act is considered rude and is usually done by someone with little or no social skills. This is considered very impolite and has the potential to make others feel shut out and resentful.

Who shows up at a private party with an uninvited guest without calling ahead to ask the host’s permission? 

This is a serious no-no.  This is a great infringement on someone’s hospitality, and can greatly assist you in getting your name scratched off future invite lists.

 Who invites someone to lunch and then suggests splitting the bill?

This act purely represents a total lack of class.  When you invite someone to lunch, it means you’re treating.  No question about it?

.Who attends a party and eats until you’re so full you can’t move, and then asks the host if you can take a plate for later?

One should always wait for the offer to be made to take food out of someone’s home.  It’s an act that is indicates poor manners and gluttony.

Who receives birthday cards, gifts, favors and special considerations and fail to acknowledge them?

The epitome of bad manners is to take for granted someone else’s kindness or thoughtfulness, and not acknowledge their act with a phone call or a thank you in writing.

Who has a hard time saying you’re sorry or apologizing when you’ve been made aware of a wrong?

This is on the high end of ego stupidity, and makes your head a good model for an idiot’s cap.  Apologies are another way of asking for a person’s forgiveness, and it’s a great reflection of one’s humility and class, whether you agree or not.

Who brags about your high-end purchases?  In other words, do you flash your cash?

Keep in mind that classy items or attire only reflect your spending ability or perhaps your theft skills.  They have absolutely no reflection on your character, which strictly determines how much class you have.

You compliment your girlfriend/boyfriend’s friend on their physical appearance in mixed company.  Example:  “You really look good in that dress!” 

A huge  NO-NO!  This is truly a bad mark on your social card.  All compliments made in public where your significant other is present, should be directed to him/her only.  Another word for it is respect.

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