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I’ve seen my boyfriend out with another woman twice, but I was too afraid to confront him because he hates any display of jealousy.

by Sarah Smart

July 6, 2018

Q.  I have seen my boyfriend out twice with the same woman and each time I made myself hidden to avoid confrontation.  I am stuck between wanting to know the truth and not wanting to know the truth.  He hates jealous women, and I don’t want to be classified as one.  He is still as attentive as ever, but he is never home anymore.  I suspect he’s seeing her.  What should I do?  I can’t go on not knowing.

A.  Then you must make the decision to end the suspense.  You can ask him about the mystery woman, not confront him, and if his answer is not suitable, then you must come to grips with what to do to attain inner peace.  You should not be intimidated by his disdain for jealousy.  Keep it in mind and be somewhat influenced by it, when determining your approach.  But, do something.  You may be losing sleep over nothing.

Q.  I dated a great guy for about three months. I really liked him and I went out of my way to please him.  When he dropped out of sight suddenly, with no communication, it almost drove me mad.  When I spoke to a mutual friend about it, he claimed the guy said I was too needy, and he couldn’t handle it anymore.  I’ve been so angry since I heard that, and I want to confront him about what he meant, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself.  What would you do?

A.  I would let it go and forget about this guy.  What’s the point in confronting him?  Are you angry because you feel you went too far in trying to please him and he was ungrateful?  If so, learn the lesson for the next guy and move on.

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