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sad black couple


How To

Tell When

The “Spark”

Is Gone…

November 25, 2017

The Men:

“…it only takes 5 minutes to say goodnight at the end of a date.”

“…kissing “hello” is no longer a natural gesture.”

“…you see physical flaws you didn’t notice before.”

“…you’d rather watch Wrestling than take her out.”

“…I keep stealing glances at my watch when we’re together.”

“…when the sound of her voice has the same effect as a scrape on a blackboard.”

“…thoughts of her no longer make you smile.”

“…she won’t look in your eyes when she talks to you.”

“…none of her plans include you.”

“…she no longer sounds thrilled to hear your voice on the phone.”

The Women:

“…the scent of his cologne no longer is no longer sexy.”

“…he winks at you across the table and it annoys you.”

“…there is no longer a glint in his eye when he sees me.”

“…the music is soft, the wine is good and you want to be somewhere else.”

“…when I don’t want to share good news with him.”

“…when I stop talking to my girlfriends about him.”

“…when he has to work late and I don’t care.”

“…when I stop saving his messages in my voice mail.”

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