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18 Ways

To Tell

He’s In Love

by M.K. Allison

February 12, 2018

We are constantly in a pickle when we’re emotionally attached to the opposite sex.  We spend our nights, days and weekends wondering if he cares…feels what we feel…feel what we want him to feel, etc.  We spend breathless moments interpreting, misinterpreting, rationalizing, guessing and hoping the love we want so badly is finally here.  But is it?

Experience has taught us that we can’t always go by what he says, because “love words” can be deceiving or non-existent.  I was once emotionally stuck to a guy who could only grunt when the subject of his feelings came up.  However, I knew he loved me when he showed up in the emergency room at 3:00 in the morning, when my mom had a heart attack.  Therefore, we must go by what he does or does not do.

Here are some great clues to determine just how fascinated.

  1. You do most things together. When it comes to spending time with you, he is excuse-free.
  2. He calls sporadically throughout the day with no agenda.
  3. He doesn’t like pets, but he tolerates yours.
  4. He never says no to you.
  5. He reads to you and enjoys you to reading to him.
  6. He buys you gifts unexpectedly with no occasion attached.
  7. He gives you a pet name and uses it often.
  8. His friends smile when they meet you.
  9. He’s affectionate in public, introduces you to everyone.
  10. He brings you (soup, cookies, etc.) and sits with you when you’ve got a cold.
  11. He’s disappointed when you have plans that don’t include him.
  12. He enjoys cooking for you.
  13. He likes to surprise you.
  14. He gets off the other call when you call.
  15. He waits for you without complaining.
  16. Hr gives up “the guys” for you.
  17. He stares at you with a smile on his face.
  18. He spends his money on you, and yours.

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