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Single Sketches


Xavier: “I can always tell when I’m on a date with a woman who sees me as a substitute.  Though she’s with me, I can tell by the way she eyes other men, that she’s open for something more.  The look in her eyes says loudly, though I’m with this guy, he’s no one special and I AM available.’  When I recognize that look, I end the evening quickly.”

Jon: “When a woman likes you, she won’t let anything stand in the way of being with you. I was dating this woman who told me she was too busy to see me because she was taking night classes.   I knew she was no longer interested, and I stopped calling.”

Kayla: “When I overheard my boyfriend of three years in his bathroom whispering sexual innuendos on his cell phone to another woman, while I was supposed to be in the living room listening to blasting music, I left. I went outside and flattened all his tires.  He bought me an engagement ring the next day, but I was no longer interested. ”

Minta: “I stayed with this guy for eight years, and he kept promising to marry me as soon as he got some fictitious financial situation straightened out. In the ninth year, he informed me one day that he had fallen in love with someone else, and that he was moving out.  I tried to commit suicide the next morning, and he didn’t even come to the hospital to see me.”


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