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What Smart

Shoppers Do

For Christmas

by Susan Freedman

December  11, 2018

The time is upon us and shopping for gifts and personal items is part of the tradition and fun of the holiday season.  Those who are smart shoppers will use their credit cards for substantive financing and not convenience.  They will not pay full price for anything, unless they don’t have time to shop around.

They will do the following:

 Have an extensive listing of all discount stores in their areas.  If there is an item, there is a discount store somewhere, who will sell it for less than the average retailer.  If you wish to have more money this Christmas and not end up being broke, develop a list of what you want to buy and the discount stores that carry those items.  You’d be surprised at the tremendous savings you’ll find in these stores.  The prices will vary, but you can find high quality items at 40-70% less.

Make a reasonable gift list.  Don’t try to purchase expensive gifts for everyone on your list.  Because most people have many gifts to buy during this time of year, the idea should be that the gift is viewed as a token of friendship and affection.  Gifts should not be purchased to impress.  If you have five friends you must buy a gift for, look at your spending options before you let pride, ego and poor judgment influence your in-store activity.  You can find good practical, useful gifts for $10.00 or less.  Things that say, “You’re thought of” and can definitely be put to good use.

Not be timid in saying no to forceful sales people.  Who cares if they think you’re not a serious shopper if you appear indecisive.  Buy only what you want.  It’s your money.

Not be name brand fanatics.  Sometimes it’s smart to look for name brands when shopping for certain items.  But a smart buyer is not intimidated by the perception of name brands.  Don’t be afraid to buy a brand that no one’s ever heard of.  Remember, it’s your money and your gift is just an expression of your holiday spirit.  Don’t be concerned about being labeled as cheap.  Buy what makes sense to buy and start the New Year with money to take advantage of the January sales.

Be honest with themselves, family, and friends about their cash flow.  Don’t be afraid to tell a loved one.  “This is all I could afford to buy you, but I hope you appreciate the love behind it.”

Look for items that really fit the personality of the recipient.  Don’t waste your money on gifts that will sit in the closet for years and get thrown out on moving day.


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