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Chic Or Clone?

What’s Your

Fashion Style?

by Coco Diong

December 1, 2018

“I’ve dated beautiful women all my life, but I never found one who had the imagination and the freedom of spirit and expression I needed until I met Lisa. The most exciting thing about her is that I never know how she’s going to look from one day to the next.  She puts all her fashion fantasies to work and it’s exciting to watch her imagination in action.  Her sense of personal style puts her in a class by herself.”

I heard this while I was watching a daytime soap opera star being interviewed on a talk show.  After the show went off, I sat there thinking about my sisters, my girlfriends and myself.  We were all basically ordinary in dress and style, except for my youngest sister Taura.  Her personal style always gets an over-abundance of attention wherever she goes, and I’ve never seen her with a guy who wasn’t fascinated by her.

She thinks nothing of buying two pairs of shoes or boots that are the same style, but a different color and wearing them mix-match to match an outfit that combined both colors.  Her hairstyles and zest for life were always the topic of the moment.  I thought about my brother’s girlfriend Telay and her nonconformist outfits, which always looked eclectic, yet chic.  I also realized that often when I saw her, I secretly wished I had the guts to wear what she wore.

I decided to do a short poll among men and women on the subject of  personal style.

  • Eric – “Few people have real style. Most people are social clones who either cover our bodies to get through the day, or wear what everyone else is wearing.”
  • Jan – “Too many of us are too inhibited to dare wear what we’d like to wear for fear of what others will say.”
  • Carl – “Most women dress to please or impress others and are afraid to move away from the norm.”
  • Pam – “Many of us put little or no work into exploring or discovering the creative side of ourselves. Therefore, we often wear what others perceive as stylish or fashionable.”
  • Gloria – “Real style means having a sincere personal commitment to not look like anyone else.”
  • Nate – “In order to have style, you must be driven to distinguish yourself.”
  • Andrea – “Style is something you’re born with. You either have it or you don’t.”
  • Joshua – “Style is genetically acquired. If your mother had it, more than likely you will have it.”
  • Stephen – “In order to have style, you must be daring and unconcerned about the opinions of others.”
  • Terri – “The funny thing is that millions of women spend thousands of dollars each year on their hair and clothes, and most of them step out looking like clones of each other.”
  • Colleen – “Those with real style are masters at capturing every eye in the room, and it’s a goal they work toward.”
  • Cheryl – “In order to have real style, you must have good taste.”
  • Barb – “Style doesn’t have to be an expensive foray into designer labels. It’s having a good fashion instinct on how to combine quality fabrics with creativity and imagination, and a good eye for color, and this look can be easily obtained if you are a resale junkie.”

Personally, I believe those who are really into having style on a consistent basis are in the minority.  I believe most people see themselves as ordinary dressers, who from time to time work to wear something classic depending on the occasion.

Overall, I think stylish people stand out in the crowd because they make it their business to do so.  I also think I’m ready to express my imagination more in the way I dress, so I may stand out in my boyfriend’s mind like that guy on television.  He could use a little stimuli.

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