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Love In

An Instant!

It Can Happen! 

by Jovan Tahale

March 16, 2018

Never get discouraged Ladies!  Though sometimes the date prospects may look slim,  believe it or not, there are a lot of interesting guys out there looking to make a real match.  You’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time…and you never know where that place may be.  I met my honey pumping my own gas, and he offered to do it for me.  He spoke to me and said, “a woman as pretty as you shouldn’t be pumping her own gas.”   And he’s been pumping mine ever since.  I talked to several women who described how they met the man of their dreams.

Gabrielle – “I was running late for a flight through the airport like a wild woman, when I skidded into this guy and almost knocked him down with my stewardess cart.  However, though rushed, I still noticed how fine he was.   I apologized profusely, but kept flying.  Ten minutes later, I almost died when I saw him boarding the same flight.  He smiled when he passed by, but didn’t say a word.  However, after we were in the air, he came up and sat in the empty seat next to me, and we talked the whole flight.  He was a cardiologist with a great sense of humor, on his way to a medical convention.  For me, it was love at first sight. We lived in the same city, and we began dating a week after we met. It was the best chance meeting I’ve ever had.”

Sara – “I first met Tom when we shared a cab against my will.  I was already in the cab, and when it stopped at a stoplight, he grabbed the door and slid in, and pretended he didn’t see me.  In New York, the cabdrivers don’t care, so the cabdriver just took off.  Because he was so good-looking, I didn’t complain.  He apologized and explained that he was late for an appointment, but I only glared straight ahead in silent protest.  However, when the cab arrived at my destination, he refused to let me pay.  I was immediately impressed with him and his beautiful smile.   I thanked him and asked for his card.  (It was obvious he had one, by the way he was dressed.)  Suddenly, I had to see this guy again, and after quickly assessing his left hand, I knew how I could.  The next day I sent him $10.00 in a thank you card along with my business card.  He called two days later, and we married two years later.”

Pam  – “I was eating alone in a restaurant one night and saw this attractive guy  sitting alone.  After ten minutes of courage gathering, I decided to be bold, but creative.  I felt good about how I looked and I also felt irresistible.  My attitude was that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I went over to his table, and asked if he would mind (since he was alone) escorting me to the ladies room and waiting outside the door, because I had a phobia about public bathrooms that were next to each other.  He looked up at me as if he were dreaming and jumped up immediately with an enthusiastic, “Sure.” When I came out of the bathroom, he asked if I would mind joining him at his table since I was alone, and I said yes, with a fraction of hesitation, as if it were the farthest thing from my mind.  We honeymooned a year later in South Africa.”

Mari –“ I met him coming back from a friend’s wedding in D.C.  I was sitting on the plane feeling sorry for myself, because my last closest friend had gotten married and I was 35 and still unmarried and no prospects in sight.  I was literally praying for God to send my mate soon, when this tall stranger took a seat next to me.  I had the funniest feeling he was an answer to my prayer and he was…”

Kay – “I was unloading groceries from my car, when one of the bags burst open and canned goods rolled everywhere.  He was driving by and stopped to help me.  He was dressed in a suit and when I saw this tall handsome stranger crawl under a car going after some of the cans, I fell instantly in love.  It took him a little longer, but he eventually came around.  We began fating and were married seven months later.  The irony was that the day before, my grandmother said to me, when I was bemoaning the fact that I was still single.  “Honey, when it’s your time, the Lord will place your man at your feet.”

Laura – “He waited on my table one morning when my friend and I were having breakfast.  I was so struck by his looks and manner that I went back that afternoon for lunch.  (My friend, who is an avowed snob, teased me unmercifully about being interested in a waiter, but I was so attracted to him that I could care less what he did for a living.  After I finished eating, I gave him my business card, and told him if he needed legal services to call me.  He called the next day and it turned out he owned the restaurant.  We hooked up and I’m currently in the middle of a fairy tale relationship.”

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