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13 Steps To A

Happier You!

by Jan Pitts

November 5, 2018

Say just what you think….but in polite language.  Some will like you…others will fear you, but all will respect you.

Don’t go near people or situations that appear unhealthy or suspect from a distance.  Save yourself some grief.  Listen to that inner voice and walk on by.

Think like this…whatever happens today ends at midnight.  I will not carry the past into the next day.  And I will not worry about tomorrow.  I will greet each day with anticipation for good and with gratitude.

Don’t look in every dark corner for love or affection.  Say to yourself, I will not seek out love.  I will let love find me.

Don’t pretend to be who you are not.  Don’t pretend to know what you don’t know.  Be for real.  Be yourself and stick by it….and the world will bow to your excellence.

Don’t just be with anybody for the sake of some company.  Hold out to be cherished and respected.  But remember, respect is inspired…it is not bestowed.  To be held in high regard is usually inspired by the exhibition of high standards.

Learn to be comfortable wherever you are.  Don’t be intimidated by those you view on a higher level.  Remember, everybody eats ice cream with a spoon.

Go and “mend the fence” with all those you need to forgive.  It will open the floodgates in your life to prosperity, healing and peace of mind.  Don’t forget to atone for your deeds as well.  Remember, there is no value in holding a grudge, and you never know who you’ll need on a dark rainy night.

Be careful of what you say regarding other people.  You never know who you’re talking to…and the person who usually  ends up being judged is you.

Don’t care so much about what others think.  There is no honor in it.  Those who think for themselves are highly revered.

Don’t take everything personally.  Ignore the guy who’s in an impatient mood blowing at you from behind or the grouchy salesclerk.  Never waste your anger on a stranger.

Tell others how you really feel about them.  We so often forget to say, I love you, until it’s too late.

Learn to listen.  We so often hear what we want to hear instead of what was really said.

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