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 15 Smart

Ways To

Excel In The


January 29, 2018

  1. If you don’t ask for it, it’s likely you won’t get it. This includes raises, guidance and whatever else you think you deserve.
  2. Always…always be ready to learn something new. Being susceptible to change puts your name in the pot for promotion.
  3. Don’t view your job as a social outlet where you get paid to play. Remember, that you were hired to do a job to help the company function well as a business.
  4. Take risks. Weigh the consequences against the venture.
  5. Don’t stay to yourself. You’ll be more successful in the workplace if others see you as a team player.
  6. Look for ways (and express it) to make the company better and management will separate you from the group.
  7. Seize every opportunity to be noticed and viewed as efficient and industrious. Show up early and work late without being asked.
  8. Don’t despair over management policies that can’t be changed. Learn to roll with the punches and duck when you have to. Remember, you’re not the umpire, you’re a player.
  9. Always thank your boss for everything. They like to be appreciated too.
  10. Always be “for” whatever the boss is for in front of others. If you disagree, do it “with all respect”…and in the interest of the company behind a closed door.
  11. Remember in your dress and actions, that less is more and better. Insecurity is reflected in overkill and flamboyant behavior.
  12. Strive and work hard to be “in” with the boss’s secretary. It’s an invaluable relationship to have.
  13. Be friendly with everyone, and cross no one. Never step on anyone’s toes intentionally or without regard for the other’s feelings.
  14. Channel your criticisms into positive constructive suggestions.
  15. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Work to be viewed as fair, efficient, dependable, loyal and authentic.

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