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You And
Your Hair…

 by Gloria Gibson

 “A woman’s hairstyle is the greatest enhancement to her face.”

                  –Clive Bates, celebrity hairstylist

A friend stopped going out partying with the girls a year ago because she claimed men never approached her or even looked her way.  It was understandable.  At best, her look at that time could be described as “unprepared.”  Her hair was just there.  It always looked as if it was there only to cover her scalp.

However, when her cousin, who was a hairstylist, moved here from another city and took her under her wing, she emerged from her chair a new woman. When she walked into a friend’s wedding reception a month later; she turned the head of every man in the place.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and how she wears it, reflects her sense of style and individuality.  A good cut is important in giving your hair shape and character.  But most importantly, it should be flattering, not just comfortable.  Your hairstyle speaks of who you are, just as your clothes do.  However, an unflattering hairstyle can distract from a beautiful face, as in the case of my friend.

It is important to remember that your hairstyle speaks of your fashion distinction and your personal style.  Look for a style that makes you feel pretty and glamorous, by experimenting first with one look and then another.  Because of the unique status of our hair and its varying textures, some of us are quick to gain comfort with a style that works, while forfeiting a pretty and classic look, which requires time and attention.  Fortunately, this attitude can be modified by using the various methods available professionally and otherwise to accentuate your style.

If you are in need of a new look, begin by visiting a new hairstylist that can give you the look you’re searching for.  Be sure it makes a stylish statement and makes you feel beautiful.  By the way, my friend is back out with us and dating heavily.

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