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The Dating Chronicles

Answered Prayer

October 30, 2018

Jamie was feeling very lonely and defeated the day she accidentally bumped into a gorgeous stranger on a street corner in downtown Manhattan running to catch a train.  She had just uttered a prayer asking God to send her the man of her dreams, because it was her birthday, and all she had to look forward to was a boring evening in front of the television alone.

Jamie was wearing torn jeans with a beat up sweatshirt, and her hair had been destroyed by the wind.  Therefore, she was shocked when the stranger smiled at her and said, “Hi, Beautiful.”

Jamie blushed in surprise as the handsome stranger stood before her grinning.  He looked like a GQ magazine cover in a suit that looked custom made.  She knew he couldn’t be an answer to her prayer because he wasn’t her type. Though he was gorgeous, she liked men who were rugged and outdoorsy. He looked nerdy and corporate.  He introduced himself as Jack.

She tried to brush past him, but he blocked her way.  She began to laugh when he pulled out a business card, handed it to her and said, “I might be the answer to your prayers.  Call me and let’s have lunch!”

When he walked away, she glanced at his card.  The card read, If You’re Looking For Your Dream Home, Call Me.  It turned out he was real estate agent.  As she stood giggling in a state of shock, it dawned on her that he hadn’t even asked her name.  The next day, out of extreme curiosity, she called him and they agreed to meet for lunch the following day.  When he arrived at the restaurant, he was in jeans and cowboy boots looking far more rugged than he had three days before.  She had worn a suit and high heels in an effort to match what she thought, was his style.  However, by the time lunch was over, she knew that he was indeed the answer to her prayers. He ended up taking her out to dinner for her birthday and they are still dating.

  1. Love the story of an answer to prayer! The old adage, “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover” reigns true in this story. Proves God is still in the prayer-answering biz. It’s a wait that isn’t always easy, bur worth the wait in the end.

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