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4 Ways

To Make A

Good Impression

by Sue Fox

April 3, 2018

Looks Are Important

  • How you dress, groom yourself, and handle yourself in public are all part of your “packaging.”  Like a product, you can present yourself to be your most appealing, and you can present yourself differently according to the time and place.  For example, your appearance should differ depending on your geographic area – how you dress and act in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, say, as opposed to Midtown Manhattan.


  • Yes, you should wear what you like. However, you should also learn to set aside your personal preferences about clothing in favor of the most effective and appropriate clothes for a given situation.  Just because you love wearing shorts and sports sandals doesn’t mean that you should wear them to the opera in Paris.


  • Psychologists say that most people form impressions of others in the first four minutes, and that 80 percent of the impression is based on non-verbal signs. In other words, what comes out of your mouth has very little to do with how people judge you initially, unless you say something really stupid.  Unfortunately, once you make a first impression, getting people to change that judgment can sometimes very difficult.


  • People would rather associate with a person who is successful than with one who is not. And people respect others who visibly care about themselves and show respect for their roles in life.  Even though some professions have gone more casual, I still like to see my doctor, accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, and advertising consultant appear neat and well put together.


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