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8 Sure Ways

To Blow The

 First Date

by M.K. Allison

January 15, 2018

OK!  So…the last two dates either never called again or refused to answer your calls.  You ask yourself…what could be the problem?  Who knows?  Maybe, the following tips might better prepare you for the next encounter, and improve your chance at being sought out again.

  • Your personality plays a large role in influencing the “enchantment” factor.  If you’re gorgeous, but dull, your phone will most likely ring for one reason only.  Be clever, funny, and uninhibited.
  • Don’t act too excited to be on the date.  Treat it as another nice break from a busy life.
  • Read the signs well.  Even if you’ve been looking forward to this date all week or you wore your best outfit, don’t try to prolong the evening when it’s obvious the other person has moved on and is ready to call it a night.  If it’s 9 pm, and he picked you up at 7:00, don’t bear the ride home in silence.  Insist on taking a cab.
  • Don’t do anything against your will.  On a first date with a guy when he unexpectedly asked if I’d like to go bowling, I said yes.  But I should have said no.  Bowling is my least favorite thing to do, but I agreed to go because I just wanted to be wherever he was. I ended up acting bored because I was bored and he never called again.
  • Don’t give your life history on the first date.  It comes off like it’s been a long time since you had somebody to talk to.
  • Relax and be yourself.  Don’t pretend to be the person you think this person would like.  Those who depict their true selves have a higher success rate with the opposite sex, than those who don’t.
  • Don’t spend time selling yourself.  The person will either like you or they won’t.  Remember who’s pursuing who.
  • When the date ends, and you’re uncertain as to whether you made a good impression or not, here’s some ways to tell.

For Men:  When you call, she’s available to see you at any of the times you suggest.  If she’s busy on every day you pick.  Forget it.

For Women:  You won’t know until the phone rings.  Unfortunately, the world is full of guys who’ll say, “I call you”…and don’t.  Then, there are those who don’t say anything and do.  I remember dating a guy once who asked for all my numbers at the end of a lovely evening, promised to call the next day, and called two weeks later.  This act alone was a definite indication that he was not nearly as enthralled as I was, since I was holding the phone the next day, all day long waiting on his call.

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