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Story Of The Week

It Could Happen To You

by Merlina Massey

Glenn was a handsome high-powered attorney, moving in the fast lane of life when he first spotted Rachel in his favorite restaurant. Since his divorce, Glenn was seen regularly with beautiful accomplished women on his arm whenever he strolled into the popular parties where the who’s who gathered regularly.

Rachel was a waitress who worked in the local coffee shop where Glenn stopped every morning for breakfast.  As he watched Rachel saunter between tables with a radiant smile, he was a reluctant admirer.  Though he viewed her as very attractive, he decided she was not polished enough for his style.  Day after day, he watched her charm the customers with her hearty laugh and beautiful eyes, and he began to daydream about her at work.  When he discovered (discreetly) that she was single, his heart fluttered with excitement.

The day he purchased the customary two tickets to the annual Lawyers Ball, a local formal affair, he decided spontaneously to ask Rachel to join him as his date.  To his surprise, she declined his offer.  When he pressed her as to why, she told him frankly that though she was flattered by the invite, she didn’t own a dress that could be worn to a black tie affair.

The next day, Glenn was waiting outside the restaurant when she got off work.  Against her protests, he took her to Saks Fifth Avenue and helped her to pick out a formal gown, a coat, and a pair of shoes.

For Glenn, it was the first time he’d fallen in love.  For Rachel, it was the first time anyone had ever shown her love.  They were married three months later on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, with Glenn insisting she quit her job, and become a full-time wife.

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