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A Fateful


May 4, 2018

When Lynn’s boyfriend suddenly dumped her after nineteen months of intensive involvement, she turned to her grandmother for comfort.  However, instead of advice, her grandmother told her that her life was about to change, and that she would meet the man of her dreams in the oddest place.

A month later, Lynn was sitting at a stoplight when a van plowed into her from behind and slammed her into the car in front of her.  She ended up being pinned in her car and had to be extricated by the fire department.

She was hospitalized with two broken legs, and the very next day, one of the firemen who had worked to get her out of the car came to visit her.  His name was Tony, and Lynn liked him immediately.  For one week, he brought her flowers every day, and when she was discharged from the hospital,, he accompanied her parents when they came to take her home.  They began seeing each other with him taking her back and forth to rehab regularly.  Nine months later, they were engaged.

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