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Campus Scenes

A Major


by Dani Phillips

August 22, 2018

Choosing a major is overwhelming to say the least. It isn’t just about picking a topic which you are interest in; rather, it is choosing which path your future will lead to. The gravity of this situation can be paralyzing and leave you doubting yourself. The thing everyone needs to understand is that you have to choose a major which can help you land a job in a field which you are passionate about. If you are excited to go to work everyday or at least appreciate the value of what you are doing, you can’t really go wrong.

Although having a prestigious job as a doctor or lawyer is compelling, if medicine or law is not something which you are passionate about, it is probably not the job for you. You also need to take into consideration the amount of work and dedication of which you are capable. If you are not great at memorization and studying, then these are not professions for you. Rest assured though, there is a job out there for everyone.

Sometimes you know exactly which job is perfect for you, but are simultaneously aware of the difficult road ahead in obtaining said occupation. Maybe, there are years of school and dissertations between you and your dream job or maybe the field which you are longing to enter is seemingly impossible to break into without extreme amounts of luck or connections. This is when you need to weigh how much you want it. If the thought of settling for any other job makes you feel sick, then it’s probably worth it to at least try to pursue your dream job.  It might be a lot of hard work and require unremitting dedication, but if you have the ambition and the talent to back it up, there is a chance you can achieve everything your heart desires.


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