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The Dating Chronicles

Darlene knew she was being ridiculous, but she couldn’t help herself.  No woman in her right mind would do such a thing, she thought to herself, as she drove frantically through the streets.

Earlier, her boyfriend Larry called to say he was going out of town on business. Fear gripped her heart when she hung up the phone.  She wondered silently if she was losing him and she remembered the words of her best friend, Cindy. “You cannot lose what belongs to you.”  However, anxiety rocked her bed nightly as she tossed and turned in a sea of nightmares and suspicions.

Just before dawn, a ringing phone jerked her to consciousness.  It was Cindy’s sister, calling to say Cindy was ill and needed her right away.  As she dressed hurriedly, she thought about how she could pass Larry’s house…with a little detour and how it wouldn’t make much difference.  She just needed to see some part of him, something that represented him to reassure her of his fidelity.

As she neared his house, she slowed down to see if any lights were on. She didn’t trust Larry, but she didn’t know why.  It was something she couldn’t put her finger on.

When she pulled away from the dark house, she felt silly. As she slowly guided the car towards Cindy’s, she thought about the value of good friends, and she accelerated harder.  She knew that if she needed Cindy, she would run to her side just as she was doing.

However, when she turned the corner to Cindy’s house, she saw Cindy looking very healthy in the arms of her beloved Larry on Cindy’s front porch while Cindy’s sister stood in an upstairs window with her arms folded in triumph.  In a state of shock, Darlene drove slowly by, blew her horn loudly at the embraced couple, and sped off.  She vowed from that moment on to never trust another woman.

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