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The Dating Chronicles
A Second Look

This was their second date, and Ann was trying her best to like him.  She had almost given up on men altogether after the last two guys she’d gone out with.  Both had been good-looking and basically nice, but both disappointed her.  One promised to call the next day after the first date and she had never heard from him again.

The other made a second date with her, but never showed up or called.  She had gotten so paranoid after those experiences, that when this guy called two days after their first date, she thought he was a salesperson.  However, she had not been impressed after he got in the car and left her standing in the cold, while he reached over and unlocked the door.  Later, she shook her head when he asked the waiter for cornbread in the French restaurant.  But though he seemed awkward and cumbersome, he seemed to genuinely like her and for her, that was refreshing.

This night, however, he was rattling her nerves because he had mispronounced her daughter’s name for the third time and was rambling on about growing up in Alabama.  She looked across the table at his suit and noted that it was not the quality of her previous dates and she sighed in despair.  She decided this would be their last date.

She closed her eyes and tried to envision herself with someone more dashing, when he spoke her name in a soft deep voice.  When she opened her eyes, she saw an admiration in his eyes that she had never seen in the eyes of a man who was looking at her.  She smiled, and suddenly he and his suit looked better.

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