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by Jovan Tahale

As you know, singles across the country are spending more days and nights on their phones in matchmaker mold.  Some are coming away frustrated, while others are finding true romance.  One friend met three “very interesting” guys on the Internet and two months later, she married one of them in a Las Vegas chapel.  A male cousin no longer goes out to the clubs or sports bars, because he spends every spare moment on the Internet connecting with 20 to 30 women a week.  He claims the Internet is the best way to meet women, and it takes the dating game to another level.  Here’s what others had to say:

Vic:  31 – “I like meeting women online.  I find I can tell a woman more online than I can tell her in person.  I love the Internet and the mystique it offers.  I’ve met several women and I’ve had some great dates, but I’ve yet to meet someone to become serious with.”

Maggie:  30 – “After investing a lot of money on hot clothes and club hopping in hopes of having a reasonable encounter with the opposite sex, and nothing happened, I decided to try the Internet as an alternative.  I signed up with a popular dating site and received 58 responses in two days, but I only answered twenty.  Out of the 20, I actually met 10.  Two were acceptable as potential friends.  Two were nice, but too nerdy.  One was a con-man looking for a victim.  Two didn’t like me.  The other three had great partner potential, but were too elusive.  However, the one I favored the most, turned out to be a fluke.  He was married with five children.  I decided to wait a couple of months to “heal” and try again.”

 Paul:  33 – “I’m a doctor and I don’t have time to go to the usual places to meet women.  So, when a close friend met a woman over the Internet and got married, I gave it a try.  I signed up on a couple of the major match websites and received over 300 replies in one week.  However, many seemed desperate and starved.  I ended up responding to 25.  After a series of phone calls and meetings, I narrowed it down to one and I’ve never been happier.  Now, I recommend the Internet to everyone who is seriously looking to make a match and too busy to go to the traditional places.”

Vicky:  34 – “I use the Internet as a fun way to meet guys without moving from my home.  But I find that men who are truly desirable and basically normal don’t use the Internet as a main means of meeting women.  Most of the twenty-seven guys who responded to my profile were physically and socially inept in one way or the other.  I disqualified most on the phone.  I talked to one guy several times who seemed interesting, but when I met him, he at least 8 inches shorter than he said he was..”

John:  38 – “When I joined a dating site, I received over 70 responses in three days and I found most of the women to be of good caliber and sincere.  However, the few I chose to meet looked nothing like their posted photo.  I responded to 25 of them, and eventually chose the woman with a great sense of humor, who actually looked like her photo.  In fact, we got engaged last month.”

Tonya:  32 – “The big problem with meeting people on the Internet is that there may be a prince or princess in the bunch, but you have to interview so many frogs and froglets to get to them.  I gave up after three weeks of connecting with guys who didn’t come close to what I was looking for.  I discovered that many people misrepresent themselves and I’d rather see what I’m getting upfront.”

Maria:  29 – I love online match-ups.  I have met some very interesting guys online, and I didn’t spend much money to meet them.  I personally prefer to be online searching for the perfect mate for me, than out at the club.  I like the mystique of getting to know a little something about a person before you actually see them, even though I’ve had some very disappointing moments.  Thus far, my experience has been a good one”

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