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And The

Winner Is…

March 13, 2018

Sam was in his usual state of boredom.  He was in the mood for female company, but couldn’t make up his mind on he wanted to be with.  He was currently dating three women and he felt confusion.  His phone rang intermittently through the jazz sounds in the background, but he didn’t answer it.  Sheryl and Anna had been calling off and on for the last hour, but he had grown tired of them.   He thought about calling Stacy, but changed his mind.

Stacy’s weight and size had always plagued him, yet she was the most exciting of all the women he dated.  As his mind fought the urge to call her, he thought of the many times he’d been embarrassed to be seen out with her.  He had always pretended he didn’t like crowds, to avoid going out in public with her.  Deep down, he knew he loved her, because she was the only one who made him laugh, but he had never told her.

Suddenly, he was tired of ducking and dodging.  He was ready to be with one woman and one woman only.  He decided to call Stacy.  He didn’t know what he was going to say.  He prayed she was home.   When she answered, he swallowed hard.  “Would you marry me,” he suddenly stammered.

“When?”  she replied.

“Tomorrow,” he answered with a nervous chuckle.

She took a deep breath.  “No,” she said.  “Think about it some more and call me back, when you’re sure of what you’re saying.”  She hung up the phone, and he burst into tears.

He was shocked at himself.  He hadn’t planned to propose.  However, he did call her back the next day with the same question and this time, she said yes.

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