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At Last!

April 20, 2018

Barbara listened quietly as Scott explained why he couldn’t come over.  He claimed that he’d had an accident and that he was in the hospital.  She had painstakingly cooked a lovely meal in anticipation of his visit.  She had spent money she didn’t have on an elaborate table, complete with expensive champagne, sirloin steaks and crystal wine goblets.  All to impress him.  She had been waiting since seven o’clock that evening for the doorbell to ring and it was nine thirty before he had finally called.  As he explained what happened, she knew he was lying.

With tears running down her cheeks, she asked if he wanted her to come to the hospital, and he quickly said no.  When she hung up the phone she sobbed uncontrollably.  This was not the first time he had disappointed her.  In the three months she’d known him, he had stood her up several times without calling.  One night after promising to pick her up from work when she worked until midnight, he had failed to show up or call, leaving her to catch a bus in a very seedy area of the city.   One night, he came by her house one night to borrow some money with a woman in the car, and claimed she was his cousin.

Through it all, she had endured the disappointments because it had been a long time since she’d had someone who had shown her any affection.  She hoped that special treatment might inspire him to treat her better.  But it had not worked.  As she looked at the candles slowly burning out, she felt fatigued with her quest for love, and decided to give it up.  She had been trying to seduce Scott mentally with small gifts, elaborate surprises and accommodating gestures, but she failed.

Suddenly anger replaced her disappointment.  She picked up the phone and dialed his cell number.  When he answered, she told him to never to call her again and slammed the phone down.  Thirty minutes later, he was ringing her doorbell and begging her to open the door.  But she never let him in again.

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