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At The Club

The Tale Of

Two Women

February 21, 2018

Karen had been sitting all evening with a plastered smile on her face, but the guy sitting next to her at the club didn’t seem to notice.  They had exchanged numbers, but Karen had done so against her better judgment.  In spite of an assumed worldliness, she had still not required the savvy needed to discourage unwanted admirers.  When out on the scene, Karen was prone to spend an inordinate amount of time talking to guys who didn’t interest her and then have her sister say she wasn’t home, if they called.

The guy sitting next to her had been talking in her ear over an hour, and she felt powerless to move.  Karen had always allowed guys to do the choosing, and rarely exercised her right to be selective.  This night, she was more disgusted than usual as she pondered over her passiveness and how she had allowed her evening to be dominated by this glib intruder.

When he finally got up to leave, she managed a weak smile in the form of politeness and moaned silently in relief.  As he walked away, she hung her head in disgust as she berated herself for the time she wasted.  A number of guys had passed by giving her an inquiring look, while she sat stuck and unable to move, because she didn’t want to be rude.


Pam sat watching a real cute guy enter the club, like a detective observing a suspect.  Their eyes met in mutual admiration, and then he looked away.  She knew it was because of the guy sitting next to her, who was speaking softly in her ear.  She decided to change her environment.  She wanted to move around and get a better look at the crowd.  She had only been there about 30 minutes and this guy had taken a seat next to her without being invited.

When she got up to excuse herself, he asked for her number, and she opted for his instead.  He seemed nice enough, but she was out to make more than one acquaintance, and he wasn’t really her style.  She made it a practice to never give a guy her number, unless she was interested in receiving a call from him. She walked away, looking for the guy she had spotted earlier, but she didn’t see him.  She decided to sit at another table, in hope that he might pass her way again.  But before long, another guy walked up, who’s reasonably attractive, and asked if he could join her.  Pam consented and they strike up an engaging conversation, which she was enjoying until she spots the intriguing guy again from the earlier eye exchange.

This time, he passes right by her table and gives her an amused smile.  Five minutes later, she excuses herself from the guy at her table with his card in her hand, and a promise to call him the next day.  She decided to walk around until she bumped into the handsome stranger.  Just as she rounds a corner, she spotted him.  However, he is now sitting talking to another woman.

Pam walks away and takes a seat at the bar.  Ten minutes later, she feels a hand on her shoulder.  When she turns, she sees the guy she had been admiring all evening, and he’s talking fast.  He explains he’s with someone, but he would like to get her number.

Without hesitation, Pam gave him her card, and he promised to call the next day.  But he didn’t.  He called two weeks later, and she vowed to never slip up again by giving her number up.  She hated the wait and the job it did on her ego.  After all that effort, she decided to take a pass on him when he asked her to meet him at a real dinky bar in what she considered a dinky neighborhood.

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