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By Chance…

May 28, 2018

Gwen and Toby met when Toby was rushing to a meeting as usual, and accidentally bumped into Gwen on the street and knocked her bag of groceries out of her arms.  Gwen’s eyes were full of tears, as she bent down to pick up her groceries and Toby stopped to help her.  He thought she was crying because her groceries had spilled all over the street.  Two bottles of juice had broken, and a carton of eggs lay bare and busted at her feet.  Toby apologized profusely, reached in his pocket and gave her two twenty dollar bills.  When her crying intensified, he became concerned and offered to take her home.

By this time, Gwen was bawling and clutching her bag of groceries for dear life as she accepted his offer and got into his car.  When she got in, Toby noticed she was not only distraught, but very pretty.  Suddenly, he was no longer in a hurry, as he tried to comfort her.  He learned after he took her home that she had lost her grandmother the day before.  They ended up sitting in front of her house for over an hour talking, and three days later Toby showed up at the funeral unexpectedly and Gwen was delighted to see him.

Shortly after that, they began dating and eighteen months later they were married in the same church where Gwen’s grandmother’s funeral was held.  It was the first time for both.


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