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The Dating Chronicles
In The Dark…

Dori waited anxiously as she stared at the clock.  She had called her boyfriend Steve’s phone and gotten no response.  Anger and confusion pounded in her head as she redialed his number for the seventh time.  As the phone rang, she hungrily anticipated the sensual hello that always succeeded in giving her goosebumps, but there was no answer.

The clock sounded the nine o’clock hour with its usual chimes and her anger dissolved slowly into tears.  Today was his birthday and it was obvious he had chosen to be without her.  As she lay across the bed in the dark, she thought of their five months together.  He had always been moody and unpredictable with occasional bursts of romantic behavior.  Yet, she loved him, though there was little evidence that the feeling was mutual.  In his eyes, she saw caverns of secret and private agendas, while his handsome face held staunchly the expression of pre-occupation, with no room for intrusion.

His need for her had never been apparent, yet she attempted to carve a place for herself.  To win his love had been a challenge for her, but she had valiantly tried. As she sat in the dark and recalled her plans for his birthday, she suddenly felt fatigued from all the effort.  She decided to move on to find someone who could feel as she felt.


It had been a long day at work and Steve was thoroughly exhausted.  As he rode the elevator to his apartment, he read his mail and smiled at all the birthday cards from friends and family, but he was in no mood for celebration. He had lost his biggest client that day and all he wanted to do was go to bed.  He leaned against his door in fatigue, as he fumbled to find the key.  The apartment was quiet as he removed his jacket to sit at the window.  The view always managed to soothe his mind.  As he loosened his tie, he thought of Dori and the throbbing in his head ceased for the moment.

He envisioned her in the trademark short skirt twirling in front of him, as she peeked out from under lush lashes, with dazzling eyes that danced in mischief.  He smiled, as he thought of her perpetual craving for strawberry soda; her penchant for back row seats at the movies; her stopping to give every derelict on the street a handout, and the cute way she pouted when her way was not catered to.  He realized at that moment that he loved her, but had never told her.

He ached for the sound of her voice, but he didn’t feel like talking.  The silence was soothing as he sat in the dark.  He knew the phone would start ringing soon, but he would not answer.  He decided to selfishly seek the solace of his solitude, go to bed and explain to Dori when he called the next day.


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