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First Date Impressions

7 Things Women

Pay Attention To Most

by M.K. Allison

September 12, 2018

A recent poll shows that men are far more impressionable on first dates than women.  Men have a tendency to be captivated by a pretty face and more prone to overlook certain flaws than women. Women are considered far more scrutinizing, when sizing up a potential love interest.  In other words, they miss very little of what’s visible to the eye.  The following are things they focus on most.

  • Ashy Skin – good skin care
  • Short and Clean Nails – proper nail care
  • Condition of Shoes – polished, with heels in good condition
  • Shirt Collar – frayed or soiled
  • Table Manners – eating and toothpick action,
  • Teeth – missing, discolorations
  • Social Conduct –  basic gentleman skills, opening doors, being protective

Studies also reveal that men become infatuated much faster than women, even though women are more romantic.  This could possibly explain why some men dart in and out of relationships, because infatuation is usually a short-term journey.


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