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From The Locker Room

Lessons“Now I Know…”

The Men:

Chad:  “I feel real guilty about a relationship I got involved in where I knew the woman was too nice for what I had in mind.  She was hoping for marriage or at best a serious relationship and all I wanted was fun and sex.  I felt real bad when I learned she had suffered a nervous breakdown, when I stopped seeing her.  I will never again fool with a woman who’s more serious about the relationship than I am.”

Saul:  “A guy doesn’t have to lie.  I finally learned that the average woman prefers the truth and can accept the truth.  Last year, I was seen out with one woman by another woman I was dating, and when she approached me in a confrontational way, I told her the truth…that she was not the only woman I dated, and she accepted it, and we continued dating.  I no longer have to duck and dodge, which is ridiculous if you’re in casual relationships that are defined as such.”

Bill:  “I will never marry another woman with children.  I had the roughest marriage because I married a woman who had two boys, with a father who was very involved.  My life was made a living hell every time I spoke in my own house regarding their behavior.  I’m in the process of a divorce, and it’s all because I followed my heart instead of my head!”

Randy: “I learned that there are no real benefits to being a nice guy.  As the saying goes, it’s true that the nicer a man, the less he’s appreciated.  I am never late, thoughtful and available, and every woman I meet seems to be looking for someone with rougher edges and a slicker front.”

The Women:

Beth:  “I learned that other women are not my enemies.  Before, I used to ignore the friendship of women because I saw them as catty competitors for the affection of men.  But last year, at the age of 35, I finally became a “sister.”  I now have several female friends, and I realize now that my life was empty without having a female shoulder to lean on.  I also learned that I had to learn to choose friends, just like I would choose a new house, for fit and compatibility.”

Shar:  “It pays to have personal standards in relationships.  Two years ago, I became a born-again Christian and promised God I would never sleep with another man who was not my husband.  My friends all told me I was destined to be single forever, because no man would accept such “foolishness.”  Well, I got married last year ‘and all my philosophical’ friends are still single and jumping trough all kinds of sex hoops to get proposed to.”

Colette: “I came to realize that it’s not wise to not place limits in a relationship when you’re single.  Last year, I loaned money, gave away money and scarred my soul forever by allowing men to come in and out of my life at will and perform any way they wanted for a little companionship and the key word here is little.”

Vicky: “The best relationships are the ones where your values are compatible and your ideals are similar.  I spent too much time last year with men and women who were not of like minds, and I suffered as a result of poor judgment.  One girlfriend openly dated this guy I was crazy about after we broke up.  Another friend borrowed $2,000.00 and refused my phone calls, when the due date passed.  I never got my money, but I learned a great lesson.  I will never loan money again or tell a girlfriend all the details of a romance.”

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