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How Hot Is

Your Hair?

by Gloria Gibson

December 5, 2018

If no one ever compliments you on your hair, you need a new look.

My friend was standing next to me in the mirror in the ladies` room at the restaurant complaining about her hair.  She claimed she knew her date (which happened to be a blind date) was disappointed in her appearance because they had not spoken five words over dinner.  I watched mutely as she tried to redo her hair to look “cute,” but it didn’t work.  I was grateful that she didn’t ask my opinion, because I thought her style was very unbecoming to her face, but I didn’t wish to express it.  I knew her to be very set in her opinions, and not good at accepting constructive criticism.

She had been wearing the same page boy style since I’d known her, and she was also doing her hair herself at home.  We were on a double date, and I agreed with her theory that her date was disappointed, because it was very apparent from his behavior all evening.

However, from my vantage point, I think it had more to do with her lack of confidence, than her overall appearance.  It was apparent throughout the evening that she was very self-conscious about her hair.  She kept pulling on it, and making excuses for it, like “I shouldn’t worn a hat, because it messed up my hair.”  In conversation, she held back, which indicated she didn’t wish to draw attention to herself.

When she mentioned her hair again the next day, and how self-conscious she’d felt on the date because of it, I ventured forth and suggested she seek professional advice concerning her hair, and as I suspected, she rejected the idea because of what she called, “ an extravagant expense.  I know other women like her who consider themselves unattractive and undesirable, because they are challenged with their hair, and the inability to secure a flattering look.  I have found that a woman’s good feelings about her hair affects her overall feelings regarding her appeal.  What about you?

How Sassy Is Your Hair?

            How a woman wears her hair reflects her sense of style and individuality.  A good cut is important in giving your hair shape and character.  But most importantly, it should be flattering, not just comfortable.  Your hairstyle speaks of your uniqueness, just as your clothes do.  However, an unflattering hairstyle can distract from the most flattering attire.  It is important to remember that your hairstyle speaks of your fashion distinction and your personal style.  A woman should look for a style that makes her feel pretty and glamorous, by experimenting first with one look and then another, until she finds the one that makes her feel beautiful, and no expense should be spared.

Because of the unique status of our hair and its varying textures, some of us are quick to get comfortable with a style that works, while forfeiting a pretty and classic look which requires time, money and attention.  Fortunately, this attitude can be modified by using the various methods available professionally and otherwise to accentuate your style.

Look in the mirror today and check out your style.  Does it need changing?  Do you need a new look?  Do you feel pretty or beautiful when you look at your hair?  If not, make a decision to try something different.  Experiment.  I guarantee it will do wonders for your attitude and your spirit.  Pick up a hair magazine or two, and break out in something sassy that will bring you compliments galore.

A new year is coming.  Try visiting a new hair stylist that can give you the look you’re searching for.  Make 2019 the year you step out with a hair makeover that makes a stylish statement and makes you feel beautiful all over.

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