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The Dating Chronicles

How They Met…

September 19, 2018

Shari and Frank first met in a long lottery line, and by the time they got to the cashier, they had made a date for lunch the next day.  They agreed to meet at a local restaurant, but Frank didn’t show up.  Shari was disappointed, but unfazed.  One year later, she ran into Frank in the same lottery line again, and pretended not to see him.

When he spotted her, he got out of line to explain to her that he had gotten stuck at work, and had lost her phone number.  However, Shari didn’t believe him.  He begged for her number shamelessly in front of the other people in line, and she finally gave it to him.

He called that night and they talked on the phone for three hours.  The next night she met him for dinner, and this time he showed up with a big surprise.  He had won $50,000 in the lottery, and presented her with a $500.00 gift certificate to Saks Fifth Avenue to make amends for not showing up for their first date.  They married six months later.

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