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Is It Hard

To Be

With You?

by Ed Lambert

February 28, 2018

With few exceptions, most people wish to be viewed as “wonderful to be around,” but are you?  If you are easily hurt, offended or disturbed by every phone call or message not returned, then you could be viewed as a lot of work to be with.  Consider your attitude and the little things that bother you.  It could easily distract from your “beauty.”

If you talk mostly about you, yourself, and then you again, then you are certain to be dull and less interesting than someone who doesn’t.  Being “self-hooked” makes it hard for someone to endure being with you, despite how good you look.

If you are quick to pass judgment out loud, complain a lot, feel sorry for yourself and lack a sense of humor, it is less likely that your company would be highly sought out.

If you are a flaw finder, very opinionated and can’t stand to be wrong, it is very likely that others are running in the opposite direction from you at this very moment.  Of course, those who are the opposite of this are a welcome addition to any room.

When “The Excitement” Begins To Fade…

It’s not hard to tell when a romance has gone from low-voiced interludes on the phone; to matter of fact discussions about the latest news broadcast.  When the “thrill” starts fading or is no more, few need a mega-phone to hear the ball drop.  But if the “I don’t like you anymore” feeling is not mutual, then someone has a problem on their hands.  If and when this happens to you, here is a method that is sure to work.

When the phone calls and or visits began to slow down, don’t ever ask what’s wrong.  Why?  Because the other party doesn’t always know and most likely won’t tell the truth if they do.  So don’t ask!  Chances are great that you won’t be satisfied or appeased by the answer.  Don’t rationalize.  If you suspect the love of your life is losing interest, they probably are.  Therefore, instead of waiting for him/her to fade into the sunset without official notice, don’t watch from a window with a heavy heart.  Occupy your mind with something else, and keep your hands off the phone.  If he/she is just going through a boredom phase, which is known to happen, let them have their space.  Back off and let them seek you out.  If they don’t reach for you, then you’ll be clear with no doubt.  Just stand still.

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