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The Dating Chronicles
Love At First Sight…     

Barbara and Len met at a red traffic light. After flirting at four traffic lights, Len finally convinced Barbara to pull over. They exchanged numbers and when Len hadn’t called by the second week, Barbara took the initiative and called him.  They ended up meeting for lunch and spending the whole day together.

For Barbara, it was love at first sight.  They began dating exclusively and ten months after they met, they moved in together.  Barbara had always dreamed of a huge wedding and she moved in with Len because she expected the arrangement to end in marriage.

However, Len always changed the subject whenever she approached it.  After two years of living with Len, and having him evade the issue of getting married, Barbara decided to leave him.

When she informed him, she was moving out, he bought her a ring the next day. Two weeks later, they were married by a justice of the peace at City Hall.  The marriage lasted ninety days.  On the 91st day, Barbara wrote Len a goodbye letter and left in the middle of the night while he was at work.  Later, she told friends that he became physically abusive the day they exchanged vows.


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