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My Best


Day Ever!

February 10, 2018

Susan:  “My boyfriend, who had suddenly stopped seeing me after five months of intense dating, called me on Valentine’s Day morning and asked me to have dinner with him that evening.  I had been so blue the night before and had spent the whole evening on the phone being comforted by my girlfriends.  I heard he was seeing someone else, and I was distraught at the thought of him being out with another woman.  However, I was transformed when I got his call, and was delighted when he told me at dinner, for the first time that he loved me and that he hadn’t realized it, until he stopped seeing me.  He gave me a beautiful friendship ring that night and proposed two months later.”

Barb:  “I live in Chicago, and my boyfriend was away in Atlanta at a week-long business conference, and when we talked on the phone the day before Valentine’s Day, he mentioned his regrets about not being able to spend our first Valentine’s Day together.  He promised to make up for it when he returned home.  On the evening of Valentine’s Day, he surprised me by showing up at my door, with a box of long stemmed red roses, a huge box of candy, and a limo waiting to take us to dinner.  He had flown in to surprise me.  We had a lovely evening and he flew back to Atlanta the next day.”

Catherine:  “One Valentine’s night, I was invited to a party and I went reluctantly, because I felt awkward going alone.  I envisioned it to be an evening sitting alone in a corner, while couples mingled before me, but I was wrong.  In the midst of having a wonderful time dancing and meeting new people, I struck up a conversation with a guy who had just moved here from D.C., who knew no one and was also there trying to meet new people.  He had the looks of Denzel and the manners of a duke.  We ended up staying together all evening talking and at the end of the night when we exchanged phone numbers, he pulled out a small box of candy and gave it to me.  He said he brought it to give to a special person, if he met one.  I was so touched, that I burst into tears.  He gave me a small peck on the forehead and thanked me for making his day.  For me, it was love at first sight…but it took him two years to finally see me as the love of his life.”

Stephanie:  “My boyfriend, who heretofore had been the most unromantic man in America, picked me up one Valentine’s Day in a chauffeur-driven limousine with champagne and roses and took me to a fabulous restaurant.  While the piano man serenaded me with my favorite song, he informed me that he was relocating to another city.  As my heart fell in my lap, he took my hand and asked me to go with him as his wife.”

Sarah:  “My boyfriend and I had a big fight over something stupid and hadn’t talked in two weeks.  It was Valentine’s Day, and I was really missing him.  So I made up my mind to give in and call him, but he wasn’t home.  It was snowing heavily outside when I left work and I was moving fast to get to my car.  The snow was blinding, and I could barely see as I hurried along.  As I approached my car, I saw a man leaning on it with a bunch of flowers in his hand.  When I recognized my boyfriend, my heart leaped with joy.  He scooped me up and presented me with the flowers and an apology.  He explained that he had a surprise for me, and needed me to follow him in my car.  We ended up at a jewelry store where he told me to pick out whatever engagement ring I wanted.  I cried all the way home.”

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