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Breakups, Fiascos &

Unforgettable Moments

May 28, 2018

  • “I broke up with him because he not only stared at other attractive women, but he would flirt with them in front of me. He was so disrespectful, and he called me insecure when I reacted to his behavior.  One night, we were at a restaurant and he began flirting with the waitress, and I simply excused myself and walked out the door.”  He later called me very angry and claimed that I had embarrassed him by leaving, when I told him I was through with him, he broke out all the windows in my car.


  • “I broke it off with him after an incident occurred where I felt he didn’t act on my behalf in a protective way. We were shopping together in a department store, and the sales clerk (male) was very rude to me when I asked him a question about some discounted items.  An argument ensued, and all my boyfriend did was stand there in silence.  When I later confronted him about it, he told me that he made a practice not to get involved in other people’s arguments.  What a wimp!”


  • “I was bored and I just didn’t want to be with her anymore, but I couldn’t tell her that. So I told her I was depressed and that I just wanted to be alone for awhile.”


  • “I think it’s so sexy when a man orders for me in a restaurant. A man’s sex appeal is greatly enhanced by his ability to take charge wherever he’s at.”


  • “During the course of the evening on our first date, he left the table twice in the restaurant to take a “business call,” which sounded like a female demanding something on the other end of the line. When he left the second time, I knew I had to do something to convey my irritation. I remembered I had a small very real looking rubber spider in my purse that belonged to my seven year old son.  I found it, pulled it out and sat it on his bread plate next to his roll.  When he returned to the table he saw it immediately and disgustedly slammed his fist down on the plate in an effort to kill it.  When it bounced up in the air, and landed on his napkin, he saw that it was fake, and began laughing at his reaction.  But when I told him I put it there to scare him out of answering his phone again, he frowned and told me that he didn’t like practical jokes, or people who played them.  I got up and left, when his phone rang again.”


  • “I liked her because she didn’t mind sharing me with other women, but our paths split because she didn’t want to share her money. She didn’t think a woman should have to pick up a tab ever!”


  • Frankly, I found him to be a coward like most men. It became apparent that he was no longer interested in us being together, when he became irritable and elusive.  But I’d rather have a man space on me when the relationship peters out, than tell me that he no longer finds my presence in his life exciting.”


  • “I fell in love with her when we were riding together one night and passed an elderly man trying to fix his flat tire. When she spotted him, she demanded I stop the car to help him.  I had never changed a tire before, but I learned quickly from her, as she grabbed the tools, and instructed the man to get back in the car.”

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