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My boyfriend never introduces me to his friends when we’re out at parties.

by Sarah Smart

January 12, 2018

Q.  I have been dating a guy who is very attractive, smart and nice.  But he has the worst manners.  He burps out loud after he eats.  He always gets in the car first, and never opens the door for me.  He takes me to parties where all his friends are all gathered and won’t introduce me to anyone.  His behavior borders on rude, but I hesitate to say that, because I don’t think he means to be.  Is there any way I can tell him how I feel without hurting his feelings?  I really want this relationship to work, but he has no class and it’s driving me crazy..

A.  First of all he is rude.  He may be rude out of ignorance.  But he is still rude.  Secondly, you have to make the decision on whose feelings are most important, yours or his and act accordingly.  Bad manners should never be tolerated for the sake of a little company.  Tell him and tell him now, before he gets worse.  Remember, we teach people how to treat us.  Get moving!

Q.  I just heard from a very reliable source that my boyfriend of three years is newly engaged to another woman, and something tells me it’s true.  But if I confront him, he’ll only lie and get angry with me for believing rumors.  He’s cheated on me before.  How can I find out the truth?  I don’t want to lose him on an unfounded rumor.

A.  If you can afford to hire a detective, do so.  If not, do some investigating on your own, and find out if it’s true.  If it’s true, you’ve lost him anyway.  But the interesting thing is you don’t want to lose a man who you know is a liar, and you believe is cheating on you.

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