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The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’m perplexed. At my birthday party recently, my best friend’s boyfriend gave me a birthday card with two hundred dollars cash inside with a note asking me to call him because he needed to talk to me. I want to return the money because I think the gift was too extravagant and I feel his motive is suspect. My friend doesn’t know about the gift.  I don’t wish to offend him by giving the money back.  What would you do?  I believe he’s interested in me on the sly because of the way he stares at me.

A.  If I was suspicious as you are, I would call him to see what he wanted, and be prepared to set him straight if I have to. I would also return the money, because it did not come from both of them.  i would view his gift as inappropriate.

Q.  I accidentally overheard my best friend telling another one of her girlfriends about how dumb I was in relationships, and how I gave my boyfriend a birthday gift after he hadn’t given me one. I had confided in her, and I was very hurt by her betrayal.  The problem is that I’m scheduled to be a bridesmaid for her in October, and I’m no longer interested in her friendship or being in her wedding.  But I feel guilty about leaving her high and dry.  What would you do?

A.  I hardly see her having one less bridesmaid as leaving her high and dry. I agree with your decision.  Why should you feel guilty about disappointing someone who betrayed your friendship.  Tell her and be free

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