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My best friend’s boyfriend gave me a huge cash gift for my birthday gift and I’m suspicious of his motives.

by Sarah Smart

May 19, 2018

Q.  At my birthday party last month, my best friend’s boyfriend gave me a birthday card with two hundred dollars cash, and a note in the card asking me to call him because he needed to talk to me about something. I want to return the money because I think the gift was too extravagant and I feel his motive is suspect.  I don’t want to call him, yet I don’t wish to offend him by giving the money back.  What do you think?  I believe he’s interested in me on the sly.

A.  I would call him to see what he wanted, and be prepared to set him straight if he gets out of line.  But I wouldn’t return the money, unless there’s some favor attached to it or you feel very uncomfortable with accepting it

Q.  I accidentally overheard my best friend telling another one of her girlfriends about how dumb I was in relationships, and how I gave my boyfriend a Christmas gift after he hadn’t given me one.  I had confided in her, and I was very hurt by her betrayal.  The problem is that I’m scheduled to be a bridesmaid for her in October, and I’m no longer interested in her friendship or being in her wedding.  But I feel guilty about leaving her high and dry.  What would you do?

A.  I hardly see her having one less bridesmaid as leaving her high and dry. I agree with your decision.  Why should you feel guilty about disappointing someone who betrayed your friendship.  Tell her and be free

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