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At the beauty shop, I overheard another woman bragging about her boyfriend who turned out to be my boyfriend.

by Sarah Smart

January 1, 2018

Q.  I was sitting in the beauty shop the other day and overheard the woman in the next chair discussing her new boyfriend and how attentive he was.  I remember feeling envious because my boyfriend is by no means attentive. I felt myself straining to listen, as she described the flowers, gifts and dates at expensive restaurants.  But I practically fell out of  the chair when she mentioned his car and his name and he turned out to be my boyfriend, who has been mysteriously “tied up” for the past six weeks.  I am crushed and hurt, but also confused on whether or not I should confront him.  This guy’s my mainstay and we have been together for two years and have a child.  I know he will deny any knowledge of this woman, but I have to let him know that I know. Even though he has never treated me in a manner even close to what was described, I need his presence in my life.  I was alone too long before I met him.  What would you suggest I do?  I didn’t even get her name.

A.  I would advise you to tell him of the incident and to move on in search of someone who will treat you in the way you desire to be treated and should be treated as a woman.  But I must say that I am always amazed at how many women will opt for imagined security over sleepless nights.  Anybody shouldn’t be better than nobody.  There is a reason why a man treats one woman better than another.  Think about it.  He sounds smitten.  What do you think will happen as their relationship progresses.  Maybe there is comfort in knowing that there are other miserable souls out there whose club you’ll be joining, if you continue in a relationship where you’re not being treated the way you want.  Consider your self-respect and act accordingly.

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