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The Singles Scene

by Sarah Smart

Q:  “I just got engaged to a guy I don’t trust and who I’m suddenly very suspicious of.  I often catch him staring hungrily at my best friend, and she is very nervous around him.  I believe in my heart that he has hit on her.  But when I confronted him about staring at her, he denied it and called me paranoid and childish.  When I asked her if he approached her inappropriately, she denied it, but she couldn’t look me in the eye.  My gut tells me that I can’t trust him, and I’m ready to call the wedding off.  My mom thinks I’m overreacting to a suspicious nature.  What do you think?

A.  I think a woman’s intuition is her private warning system, and if she trusts it, she should follow it.  I’ve always followed mine, and it has never been wrong.  I say, you shouldn’t be marrying a guy you don’t trust anyway, especially when you’re getting signals from your gut.

Q.  I am currently involved with two women and I can’t sleep.  They don’t know about each other. One is pregnant and one is not.  I’m in love with the one who is not pregnant, and I’m fond of the one who is.  I’m ready to marry the one I love, but my conscience is really bothering me about not marrying the one who’s carrying my child.  Am I wrong for not wanting to marry her just to give my child a name?

A.  Marriage should be based on love, not obligation. You should marry for the right reasons, not out of a guilty conscience.  You should also make a commitment to take care of the child and be honest about it if you decide to marry the other woman.  Tell the truth and get some sleep.

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