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I’m dating a guy 10 years younger than me and I don’t trust him.

by Sarah Smart

October 8, 2018

Q.  I am currently dating a guy who is ten years younger than me, and I’m very self-conscious about it. I’m 35 and he’s 25.   I don’t trust him, and I’m afraid to let him out of my sight.  Whenever I see him talking to a woman his age, I feel sick.  I really like this guy, but I’m miserable when he’s not around.  I am very insecure in the relationship and it’s driving me crazy.  When he drives my car and returns it, I go over it like a detective looking for evidence of another woman.  What can I do to stop being so suspicious?

A.  End the relationship, and seek out someone who’s in a more comfortable age group for you.

Q.  I am currently involved with a guy whom I haven’t slept with. We’ve been together eight months and I have refused to sleep with him because I’m saving myself for my husband.  I’m in love with him, but I’m standing on my principles.  Last week, he promised me an engagement ring if I’d sleep with him, but he said he couldn’t give it to me unless I did.  It sounds like a bribe and I’m not interested.  My friends say I’m crazy.  What do you say?

A.  I say I’m proud of you. Stick to your guns.  If he loves you for real, he’ll honor your position.  Hold out for the ring on the finger.

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