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I plan to attend the wedding of my ex-fiance to rattle him after he dumped me the night before our wedding.

by Sarah Smart

February 17, 2018

 Q.  Six months ago, my fiancé phoned at 3:00 in the morning and called our wedding off, which was the next day, because he “wasn’t ready to be married.” Three weeks ago, I heard he was planning to marry the ex-girlfriend he dumped me for next month.  I have not heard from him since that night and I have a need to show up at the wedding for the sole purpose of watching him squirm.  He hates any form of confrontation and I know my presence there would succeed in ruining his day.  As I think about the pleasure I would receive from watching him sweat, it helps to heal the gaping hole that he left in my heart.  My family and friends think I’m crazy and that the only thing my presence will do is make me look weak, still in love and spiteful.  Do you agree?

A.  I do and I would also add silly and foolish. You need to move on with your life and be glad that you got out before the real catastrophe.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be happy that you didn’t get stuck with someone who didn’t love you.  Kick your ego out of your bed, and embrace your common sense.  Close that gaping hole with a feeling of being rescued, and you’ll feel a lot better.

Q.  This is why I don’t date women with children. After a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman, she informed me that I owed her $60.00 for her babysitter.  She said it was customary for her date to pay for her babysitter.  I had never heard of anything so ridiculous and I refused..  After a lengthy discussion that turned into an ugly scene (with her throwing her napkin in my face), I left her sitting in the restaurant, and I haven’t seen her since.   However, every woman I have repeated this incident to (changing the characters of course), has referred to “the guy” as cheap and uninformed.  On the other hand, all the men I’ve talked to, say I did the right thing.  What do you think?

A.  I also think you did the right thing. This woman did not demonstrate courtesy or class.  It was a tactless act and I hope it does not succeed in tainting your dating perspective.  Try again and don’t let this incident prejudice you against women with children.  There is always room for a man to offer to pay babysitting expenses.  But it should either be offered or by request prior to the date.

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