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If you caught your teenage daughter in bed with your boyfriend…what would you do?

by Sarah Smart

February 7, 2018

Q.  If you came home from work early and caught your underage teenage daughter in bed with your boyfriend, what would you do?

A.  I’d call the police and then I’d ascertain whether or not, it was consensual.  If it was consensual, I’d put her on “house arrest” for a year.  She couldn’t even go to the bathroom without permission, and I would also put her into counseling.  In addition, I would file a police complaint against the boyfriend and dare him to darken my door again…all this after I’d beaten him with a steel broom handle as he ran out the door.

Q.  I believe my boyfriend is seeing another woman, and my suspicious were confirmed when I followed him one night to a house where he stayed all night and came out the next morning with a very attractive woman.  I didn’t approach him about it because I didn’t want him to know I had followed him.  I watched him as he dropped the woman off on a corner and kissed her goodbye.  How can I let him know I know without making a fool of myself?

A.  You’ve already made a fool of yourself by following a man you’re not married to.  What’s the point in letting him know you know.  You do know and that should be enough to leave him in the wind.  You may reap some weird satisfaction in announcing his “unfaithfulness” to him, but it will only be temporary. If you don’t mind man-sharing, say nothing and remain status quo.  If you do, get lost before he does.

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