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I am being sexually harassed by my best friend’s boyfriend, and I don’t know what to do.

by Sarah Smart

March 27, 2018

Q.  I’m being sexually harassed by my best friend’s boyfriend who flirts openly with me in her face. He hides behind his charming smile, but he makes obscene comments and gestures to me every time I’m in his presence, and constantly leaves nasty messages on my phone.  I’m stressed over this situation because he knows I won’t tell my friend, for fear of hurting her and he is taking full advantage of my loyalty.  What can I do to stop him?

A.  I would inform him that I feel harassed by his behavior and that if he doesn’t stop, I will file an official complaint with the Police Department. Meanwhile, I’d screen my calls and avoid my friend’s company when they’re together.  If he doesn’t stop, I’d let her hear one of his message.

Q.  I love a guy who loves another, but I can’t seem to let go of him. When he told me he was marrying someone else, I considered ending my life.  How can I get him out of my mind?

A.  I’m dumbfounded. Why isn’t the fact that he doesn’t want you enough to get him out of your mind?  Where is your self-esteem?  Frankly, I think you’re being a brat.  You lost, and you sound like a poor loser.  Pray and ask God to move him off your heart.  You can’t always win or have everything you want.  Get over it and move on!

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