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How do I get rid of unwanted advances from co-worker after telling her I’m already involved with someone?

by Sarah Smart

March 31, 2018

Q.  At work, I had been receiving all kinds of cute notes and cards from a secret admirer.  On my birthday, I received a dozen red roses and my curiosity was finally satisfied, when the sender (a fellow co-worker), came into my office and confessed that it was her.  I was disappointed because she’s not my type.  She then asked me out and I told her that I was already involved with someone.  However, she is still sending me notes as if we had no discussion.  The other day, she sent me a card with a restaurant gift certificate for two.  What should I do?  She is beginning to get on my nerves.

A.  Tell her again, and this time ask her to stop sending you notes.  If she persists, send her one back asking her to leave you alone, because you are starting to feel harassed.

Q.  I recently went on a blind date with a beautiful woman.  But after a few moments of sitting next to her, the perfume she was wearing began to make me feel sick.  So much so, I had to cut the evening short.  I claimed a sudden illness and begged off for the evening.  The problem is that I feel she needs to know about the horrible scent of her perfume, but I certainly can’t tell her.  When she called the next day to check on me, I knew she liked me, but I would never go near her again unless she changed her scent.  Got any ideas.

A.  Yes…send her a cute miniature bottle of perfume that you like, and a fancy note apologizing for your abrupt exit.  Then give her another chance, ask her out and see if she’s wearing it.  I guarantee you, she will be.

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