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My very aggressive neighbor won’t take no for an answer.

by Sarah Smart

June 11, 2018

Q.  While at home recuperating from a car accident with a broken leg, my neighbor who is attractive and very friendly, knocked on my door with a beautifully prepared dinner on a tray. I gladly accepted, and was very appreciative.  The next day, I sent her some flowers to express my appreciation.  She called me that night to thank me, and has called every day since then.  I’ve got the message that she’s interested in us becoming something other than friends, but I’m already involved with someone.  I also think she misinterpreted the flower gesture.  You’re always advising guys to tell the truth.  So I did.  When she asked if I was seeing someone else, I told the truth and she continues to call as if she didn’t hear me.  I don’t want to be rude, but her calls have become a pain.   Any suggestions

A.  The next time she calls, I suggest you tell her the following…“Look, I don’t want to be rude, but my lady is here, and I don’t think this is being respectful of her.” If she calls you again, you might need to get an order of protection.

Q.  I went on a second date with a great guy, who I really like. We had a wonderful evening at an expensive restaurant, where he stared into my eyes like he was experiencing love at first sight.  When he brought me home, I declined his attempt to come in for a drink, because my place was in shambles.  That was three weeks ago.  Since that time, I haven’t heard a word from him.  When I finally got up the nerve to call him, he said he was busy and would call me back, but he never did.  Do you think I should try to contact him again or forget about it?

A.  I think you should forget about it. If he’s interested, he’ll call you.

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