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I slept with a co-worker who I’m not the least attracted to, and she’s making my life hell.

by Sarah Smart

July 2, 2018

Q.  I made a serious mistake. Two months ago, I drank too much at a party one night and ended up sleeping with an aggressive co-worker who had been after me for months.  Immediately, after it happened I regretted it, because I knew she really liked me and I didn’t like her in the least. Since that time, I have tried avoiding her, but she has accosted me at work and on the street about “playing” her, and that was not the case.  She’s making my life miserable at the office.  What can I do to turn this thing around?  I’m about to get engaged and I don’t want to be harassed.

A.  Maybe, if you tell her the truth, and ask for her forgiveness, she’ll leave you alone.  Be sure to use phrases like “…got caught up in the moment” …didn’t mean to hurt you”…or I made a mistake.”  These are the standard sentences used when a man’s hormones and bad judgment have gotten him in trouble with the opposite sex.  And if worse comes to worse…look for another job.

Q.  A good friend’s ex-lover asked me out and I’m available.  I have always found him attractive and I would like to go.  She’s involved happily in a new relationship.  However, I know it will make her very unhappy, because she still loves him.  What do you think I should do?  I hate to miss this opportunity,

A.  Personally, I wouldn’t go, because I wouldn’t want to violate the friendship or go where she’s been.  Find your own fish in the sea.

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