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My blind date didn’t work out well because she just didn’t appeal to me.  Now, she is begging me to tell her why.  Should I?

by Sarh Smart

September 27, 2018

Q.  I took this woman out a few weeks ago on a blind date who I found to be very unattractive. Before the evening ended, she informed me she liked me and hoped the feeling was mutual.  I didn’t respond and the evening ended on an ambiguous note with me being evasive because I didn’t want to offend her.  However, she began calling the next day and continued to call for several weeks.  When I didn’t return her calls, she sent an email, expressing a desire to know why I wasn’t interested.  I want to tell her about the poor condition of her teeth, the roughness of her hands and the awful weave she was wearing..  What do you think?  Should I?

A. I think you should take a pass on this one, and just tell her that the chemistry wasn’t there. You could be asking for serious trouble.   You really don’t know her well enough to know how she would react to such truth.  Let someone else tell her who may be interested in sticking around.

Q.  If you went out on a first date with a guy who didn’t hold the door for you, didn’t open any doors for you, drove away as soon as you got out of his car without waiting to see if you got in safely, but took you to the most expensive restaurant you’ve ever been to… would you go out with him again and just overlook his poor manners?

A.  No and you shouldn’t either…unless you up to training him. The question is…is he worth the time and effort.

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