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The Bachelor – Week 7

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Jakub Dulak

February 13, 2018

The Good

  • Tuscany is a lovely location. Production caught some fantastic footage.
  • A lot of the girls are being very realistic about whether or not they’re actually falling for Arie. Jacquie says it well: “I don’t know if I’m falling in love….or falling in love with the idea of falling in love”.
  • Jacqueline essentially dumped Arie. That’s incredibly satisfying to watch, seeing The Bachelor himself robbed of his power and brought down a notch.
  • The truffle hunting date was seriously cool.
  • The Italian family was adorable. I loved having them on my screen.
  • Bekah going home…sucked. She and Kendall are the two bubbliest and most interesting personalities on the season. However, the reason I list her elimination as a “Good” is because both of them can honestly do so, SO much better than Arie in their lives. As a viewer, I came to adore Bekah, and while it’s unfortunate to see her hurt, it’s also a relief to see that she didn’t get chained down to Arie.

The Bad

  • Arie throwing out random Italian vocabulary is that…touristy dad kind of cringe
  • There is SO much salt when Lauren gets another single date.
  • Arie wants openness, but when Lauren gives it to him, he physically gets up and leaves. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Lauren even getting a rose felt…bizarre after that.
  • Seinne going home was a HUGE surprise, as shown by the other ladies’ reactions. Seinne was arguably the classiest of the women out there, and definitely the most mature. Seinne could probably find someone a lot better than Arie though. So, it’s bittersweet.

The Ugly

  • Jacqueline comes to Arie with a legitimate dilemma about whether or not she wants to stay…and he just kisses her halfway through. And then she kisses him again at the end. The scene in its entirety felt very awkward as a result.
  • Arie: “So all pasta is is egg and flower?” This man is DENSE.
  • Tia playing the “Bekah is too young!” card is just beating a dead horse. I get you’re trying to make yourself look better than the competition, but c’mon, low blow.
  • I really do hate how whenever someone approaches Arie wth tears, he has a huge smile and joyfully asks “What happened?” in a way that screams “Oh boy, oh boy! I get to be the shoulder to cry on!” I don’t know, the dude doesn’t come off as charming or strong whenever he has heart-to-hearts, just manipulative and a little creepy.

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