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The Back

Out Plan

August 22, 2018

Jan knew Tom had something to tell her as they sat facing each other in the restaurant, and she could tell it was not good news.  While Tom squirmed in his seat trying to avoid the love in her eyes, he began to feel foolish and confused.  He had asked her to dinner to tell her that he loved another woman, and to end their four year relationship.  However, the words became lodged in his throat.  He was ready to move on, but he couldn’t find the words.  As the silence continued, his courage failed him.  He knew he couldn’t fool Jan.  He never could.  And now as he faced her, he was no longer sure of his feelings for someone else.

He had always thought he would marry Jan, but lately his head had been filled with thoughts of Julie with the sparkling green eyes.  Julie, whose passion always succeeded in scrambling his thoughts and his commitment to Jan.  He knew at this very moment that she was waiting on his call and the outcome of this meeting, but suddenly, he was uncertain.  As he stared at Jan’s face, he realized he still loved her.  So, he said nothing and Jan said nothing, as she sat there and prayed silently that it was not over.

She had heard he was seeing someone else, but she had decided to say nothing.  She knew if Tom was truly meant for her, she couldn’t lose him to another woman, regardless of the rumors.

Suddenly, Tom had a change of heart. He finished the dinner and took Jan home.  After he dropped her off, he called Julie and ended their relationship instead.

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