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The Dating Chronicles
The Choice

Mark had divided his time between two women for the last three years and now he was ready to change directions.  His romantic generosity had gone undetected because both women existed on two different sides of the “social” tracks.  Liz was a popular socialite who worked to travel in all the “right” circles.  While Lisa spent her time waiting for Mark and competing in obscure bowling alleys.

Lately, he had been thinking about getting married and was having a hard time making a decision, because he loved both women.  However, after much deliberation, he decided that of the two, Lisa was the best choice.  She was more submissive, sensible, and even-tempered.  In contrast, Liz was fiercely independent, temperamental, and unpredictable.

He made plans to tell them both the next day.  One would be a proposal and the other would be a goodbye.  He would go to Lisa’s first.  He wanted to share the good news first and save the bad for last.  He knew that Liz would be heartbroken, but she’d get over it.

For the first time in a while, he felt relief from the burden of deceit.  At first, having a strong relationship with two women had been exciting, but now he was tired of catering to the myriad of needs outside his own.

When he told his best friend, Tom of his decision, he learned that the word was out that Liz had begun dating an old childhood sweetheart.  Mark ended up going to Liz’s first and proposing to her.

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