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Night Moves

The Diary

Of A  Party

by Jovan Tahale

April 10, 2018

As soon as I walked through the door of the party, my worst fears were realized.  Women were everywhere.  The only man in the place was behind the bar.  I spotted two women wearing the same dress I almost wore, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My best friend Amy and I sized up the room and became somewhat intimidated by those we saw as threats in the beauty competition, but we decided to stay and tough it out.

The men began to come in slowly and the women moved strategically to assume a position where they could be easily noticed.  The music was fast paced and nostalgic, and I began to feel an excitement, as the room became crowded.  Suddenly, men were more abundant and winning smiles were everywhere.

The competition was now engaged in conversation with the opposite sex, but I had yet to be so lucky.  So, I sat and people-watched in hopes of being chosen to dance or converse.  Some of the female faces were bored, while others were expectant, and only a select few seem to be having a good time.

It seemed the “stars” arrived in groups of three or more.  The beautiful people with gleaming smiles, toned bodies and designer duds, seemed so at ease with themselves, and I was jealous.  Confidence adds a certain glamour and they seemed to know it.  They came prepared to stand out in a crowd and they succeeded.

I’d been there an hour and a half, and still no one had noticed me.  I wondered out loud about my hair and if I should have worn it in another style?  I decided to walk around to further the potential of being approached.  As I passed a group of men, a hand reached out and guided me to the dance floor without saying a word.  I looked at him with my sweetest expression in an attempt to convey warmth.  He didn’t speak, as he swung me here and there.  He was enjoying the music, and I was glad to be moving.  However, when the music ended, he moved away quickly like a bored child moving from one toy to the next.

I was somewhat disappointed, because I assumed I wasn’t his type.  I continued to scan the room in search of a new interest and spotted my friend Amy, who had been dancing ever since we arrived.  But she always sparkles around guys and I don’t.  She smiles freely at everyone, and I bestow mine only on those I deem worthy.

Across the room, I saw a guy who appealed to me from afar and my stomach jumped.  I decided to be bold.  I walked over and asked him to dance.  He accepted, but his moves on the floor were awkward.  He didn’t know how to dance and I didn’t feel like teaching.  I love a man who has smooth dance moves and my disappointment was evident.  The music ended and this time I faded voluntarily into the crowd without a word.

Suddenly, I was bored and ready to go home.  I had failed to make an impression and my confidence level had dwindled sharply.  As I searched the room for Amy, I began to dread the prospect of going home to an empty apartment and a non-flashing message light on my phone.  For me, there was nothing more ego bruising than to come home after being gone all day, and not one person had called.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the cute guy I danced with earlier appeared at my side with a big grin.

“Can we try it again?  I learned a few more steps since I saw you last.”  I laughed and felt instantly embarrassed for my bad attitude.

“Sure, we can.  If you promise to teach me what you learned.”

Thus, we ended up dancing the rest of the evening and when he took my number, I felt confident that my message light might just start blinking again.

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